Open Play

Open Play refers to a format where players can register as individuals for specific sessions.  It allows players to come and play without a specific play format to follow.  In Open Play, players of all levels have the flexibility to play with different partners and opponents throughout the session.  Registration Open Play is required. There will be a maximum number of players allowed in each Open Play session to ensure all players have plenty of playing time. Open Play sessions are scheduled for 2 to 3-hour blocks of time. Players should not take the courts until their scheduled session time and should clear the courts at the session end time.


Seven Lakes NC Pickle Ball

Level Play

Level Play refers to a format in which players of equal skill are grouped together to play.  This ensures a fair and competitive environment where players can challenge and improve their skills against opponents of similar ability.  In level play, the focus is on creating balanced matchups and providing a level playing field for all participants.  Players must register for each Level Play session because there will be a maximum number allowed to participate in order to have plenty of playing time.

Organized Play

In Organized Play, players register individually and follow a specific play format that is coordinated by a staff member or designated member.  It is important for all players to arrive on time and plan to stay for the entire session in Organized Play.  This is because the game formats and brackets for the entire session are created based on the assumption that all players will be playing the whole time.


Welcome to The Pickle Place! We are thrilled to provide a wide range of pickleball activities for players of all levels. Join our exciting pickleball leagues, tournaments, and round-robins, where you can compete and have fun with fellow enthusiasts. We also organize various competitive and enjoyable events throughout the year, including charity tournaments and social gatherings, where you can contribute to great causes while enjoying the game. Whether you’re an individual player or part of a team, there’s something for everyone at The Pickle Place.


Our Ladder Leagues are perfect for individuals seeking regular and competitive gameplay. Player rankings and promotions will be determined through weekly Round Robins. Join our ladder and compete to reach the pinnacle of success and become the ultimate champion.

Round Robins

Participating in Round Robin Tournaments is an excellent opportunity to enjoy competitive and exciting Pickleball matches without the need to wait all day for your turn to play in a tournament setting. Throughout the year, we offer Round Robins that cater to both individuals and teams seeking leveled and enjoyable gameplay. Our Round Robins are typically scheduled in 2-3 hour sessions, allowing you to compete against all other players or teams in your division. While some Round Robins are available on a weekly basis, we also host larger events every few months.

Major League Pickleball

Introducing “Major League Pickleball” – not the actual league, but an exciting opportunity to join us for the first MLP-formatted league in the Charlotte area. This thrilling 5-week season includes a draft, competitive gameplay, and playoffs. Teams consist of 4 players, 2 men, and 2 women. Each week, teams will engage in 5 games, including 2 gender doubles, 2 mixed doubles, and the exhilarating Dreambreaker game. Don’t miss out on this unique team pickleball event that offers an atmosphere like no other!