Player Ratings

1.5 Starter

*Still learning score keeping
*Still learning court positioning
*Serves and returns in; 40% or less
*Limited mobility

2.0 Beginner

*Needs reminders with score keeping
*Has minimal understanding of court positioning
*Serves and returns between 40% and 50% of the time
*Showing adequate mobility

2.5 Advanced Beginner

*Must know how to keep score
*Must know where to position themselves on court
*Must get serves and returns in 50% of the time
*Is attempting the backhand stroke and not running around to hit a forehand
*Showing good mobility and can move around the court safely

2.75 Advanced Beginner

*Must get serves and returns in 60% of the time
*Demonstrates ready position at the NVZ
*Able to demonstrate proper punch volley
*Showing good mobility, hand-eye coordination and moderate quickness

3.0 Intermediate

*Must get serves and returns in 75% of the time
*Must move to the NVZ after returning serve and not retreat during play
*Must be able to maintain a 5+ shot rally
*Able to successfully perform FH and BH volleys at the NVZ
* FH and BH need to be hit with control in regard to height, depth and direction

3.25 Intermediate

*Consistently gets serves and returns in
*Attempts and executes 3rd shot drops 50% of the time
*Attempts and executes dink rally 50% of the time
*Is aware of unforced errors and is working to minimize

3.5 Advanced Intermediate

*Must be successful in dropping from baseline (3rd, 5th, etc) to get to NVZ at least 60% of the time
*Unforced errors less than 8 in one game
*Is successfully putting shots away using overheads and volleys
*Is initiating dinking, and can maintain a controlled dink rally

3.75 Advanced Intermediate

*Must be successful in dropping from baseline (3rd, 5th, etc) and driving from baseline
*Unforced errors less than 6 in one game
*Attempts and executes resetting from the transition zone with 50% accuracy
*Demonstrates understanding of which balls are attackable and which are not

4.0 Advanced

*Resetting from transition zone, and when forced back to baseline
*Utilizing BOTH 3rd shot drives and drops as the situation dictates (successfully 90% of the time)
*Lobbing only from the NVZ and not using lob as reset or panic
*Low unforced errors, 5 or less in a game
*Understands strategic pickleball and the importance of court positioning in collaboration with partner

Seven Lakes NC Pickle Ball