At The Pickle Place

… you do not need a paid membership to participate in activities and programs. However, we do offer four membership options for players who want to receive free or discounted Open Play and Court Rentals. These membership options allow individuals to choose the one that best fits their level of play and budget.

PInehurst Pickle Ball
The Pickle Place Membership Rates

⇒ For “Court Cost”: *Based on 4 players to a court

A paid membership is not required to participate in activities. However, to register for any Open Play session, Level play, Organized play, program, or activity at The Pickle Place, you must have at least a “Non-Member” membership. Having a membership allows players to save money on Open Play and Court Rentals. Additionally, certain memberships offer special prices and discounts throughout the year. Please note that prices are subject to change.

Monthly memberships start on the day of purchase and automatically renew each month on the same day. While monthly memberships are intended for a 12-month period, you have the flexibility to cancel or change your membership online at any time. However, if you cancel a monthly membership type, you cannot repurchase the same membership type for at least 6 months.

All players, whether members or non-members, are expected to follow the normal cancellation procedures for events and programs. If a member fails to show up for an Open Play session or other program without any notification, they may still be charged the normal member price, even if the session is part of their allotted number of free sessions. Excessive cancellations or “no shows” may result in the loss of membership and access to future events, rentals, and programs.
For more information on memberships, programs, policies, and procedures, please visit our FAQ section.