We wanted to address the concerns regarding the current COVID-19 situation and the mandates that have been put into place. As two people who love tennis and love being outdoors, Katie and I see the value in keeping the courts open and maintained. In order to be socially responsible and vigilant for everyone’s health, all water coolers have been removed from the courts at this time. Please make sure you bring your own water bottle to use during play. Additionally, the building will be closed to prevent all the exchanges of potential germs and bacteria on door handles, bathroom sinks, light switches, etc…We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we feel that it is important to be safe during the next few weeks.

Please continue to use the online court reservation system when booking your court →

Regarding adult clinics, Katie will continue to run Saturday clinics as long as the desire among the membership remains. We feel that as adults, we can be aware of proper social distancing on the court. To be safe, Katie will be the only one touching/picking up the tennis balls. Please sign up using www.courtreserve.com or email me at canyn13@gmail.com to let me know if you are coming each week.

A few other reminders and announcements…

1) As the temperatures begin to increase, we must return to watering the courts twice a day (once during the day and once in the evening). Most days the courts need to be watered by 1:00 so please put that in the back of your mind. ALWAYS check the court reserve system before coming to play, as that will let you know of watering times. I would hate for some of you to get a surprise shower!!

2) ONE of our two pickleball courts is ready!! You can now reserve court 4 for pickleball play! Be sure you select court 4 on the court reserve system when you are booking for pickleball.


Thanks everyone!! Stay healthy!!

Canyn and Katie